Me on a sunny day

Me on a sunny day

When I started this blog, back in January 2014, my opening statement was:

“I’m someone who loves to make things and who is determined that they will leave their 20s in a better state than they entered them.”

I was already on the way there – I had qualifications, I had put on ALOT and then lost most of my student-weight, I had got married, bought a house and had a room just waiting to become a workshop (the dream!).  But there were 2 things outstanding – getting down to the weight and size I wanted and selling something I had made to a total stranger.  I was determined that by the time I turned 30 in the September they would be achieved.

And then 2014 happened! By the end of the year I was a mum and having found out I was pregnant only a week after starting my blog it fell by the way-side as I dealt with being overwhelmed by everything pregnancy had to throw at me.

Well now I’m back.

Those final two things are still on my to-do list, and I’ve got a whole new impetus for getting there – I want to be fit, healthy and with good habits for my daughter, Tigger, and I’m hoping to take the opportunity while I’m off on maternity leave to see if I can make my hobby, and my sanity-lifeline, into a career.

This blog is holding myself to account and sharing my experiences as a mum, a crafter, and hopefully by the end of this year a small business owner, while drawing on the range of health and wellness resources that I have surrounded myself with.

Here goes………….

Out for a walk with Tigger

Out for a walk with Tigger

What do you think?

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