So Long Sew Healthy Sew Happy

As most of you know, because let’s face it it’s not gone un-mentioned(!), at the end of last year I set up my own little business, Handmade by Holchester.   My intention had always been to run that, and it’s associated blog, along side Sew Healthy Sew Happy so I had a business side over there and my personal bit over here.

I’ve got to admit though that it hasn’t gone how I thought it would.

When I went to Blogtacular last month I very proudly gave out my business cards that had both on them, but I did find myself automatically explaining to people that I was ‘greedy’ and had two blogs, and it did feel strange as, at the heart of both of them, is me.  As I wrote in my previous post Blogtacular did pose some big questions for me and really did make me realise that I can no longer separate work-Rachel from home-Rachel as I once did.  That divide just doesn’t exist anymore like it used to, just like my 9-5 working day doesn’t either.

SHSH x HbyH business cards

Weren’t they pretty?!

So, if you’ve not guessed by this point, I’ve decided to stop writing here on Sew Healthy Sew Happy.

But I’m not deserting the blogosphere – far from it!

My Handmade by Holchester blog will now also have my quest for a homemade wardrobe, craft projects and tutorials, my love of interiors and, I hope, posts about building a business with a little one in tow.  I absolutely love writing, I’ve thoroughly fallen in love with it through writing on here, and I have realised that I’ve got alot to say. (I promise I’ll try and keep it in readable length chunks though!).  But I think with it all in one place I’ll be able to tend to all those ideas and my readers better and those same readers, either from a business or a personal perspective, will get a better idea of the ‘whole me’.  Fingers crossed it’s not too scary a prospect!

Thank you to those of you that have been on this little journey with me since I started as a new-mum desperately searching for a creative outlet and I’d love for you to come with me over to to see just where that new mum goes next.

And don’t forget to pick up the Social Media channels too:

Instagram – @sewgertie and @sewholchester

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Holchester screen shot

Here it is – waiting for you! 

What do you think?

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