Countdown to Blogtacular 2016

I promised when I started up the Handmade by Holchester blog that I wouldn’t cross-post lots, after all there and here were set up for different reasons and for different purposes. 
Except one thing is uniting them at the moment and that’s Blogtacular, or rather my excitement for it! 

With only 1 month to go I’ve written a post about what I’m hoping to get from it, and if you’re interested I’m afraid I posted it on the other one. 

So here’s a link, and I promise it won’t happen often! 

Counting Down to Blogtacular! 

Have you been to Blogtacular, of another blogger conference, before?! Any tips for a first-timer?! 


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Blogtacular 2016

  1. Couldn’t comment on the actual post over on Handmade, but basically – yay!! I cannot believe it is a month though – in amongst my sister getting married in a fortnight and my home reno and own wedding plans, I’ve not given this the excitement it deserves, because it totally does! I cannot wait either. Look forward to meeting you! šŸ™‚ x


    • The month is going to go quickly too, so much on at the moment, although not quite as much as you by the sounds of it! I look forward to getting to meet you too! And thanks for the comment re: comments box on HbyH, hadn’t realised it hadn’t turned on, oops, tech-less moment on my part! Fixed now though, ta! XX

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