If any of you follow me on Instagram (@sewgertie) you’ll know that I’ve developed a bit of a planner/bullet journal obsession and the monthly challenges that are run on there.  For March I decided to do the Doodle-a-day challenge and it was such good fun!


As March is Kacheri’s birthday the overall theme was Favourite Things and each day had a prompt.  I dutifully divided a double page spread of my notebook into little rectangles and wrote out the prompts as I didn’t want to have to keep finding her post for them.   Instead of posting every day I did once or twice a week so I was still taking part in the community aspect of it, without inundating people with my silly doodles.

I’ve had such a good time doing it.  Doing a little doodle every day wasn’t always possible as other things got in the way so instead I did three or four at a time and I found it really relaxing.  Whilst I doodle and sketch quite a bit I was really conscious that these should be quick, silly and colourful and while they might not all relate to the prompts for everyone who sees them they mean something to me.

I really would recommend something like this to people as it really is great fun.  Even if you’re not an Instagram regular, or even at all, draw out a table and make up your own prompts.  Or even better get someone else to do it for you – there really is something fantastic in having 10 minutes of sillyness, especially with coloured pens!


The full finished spread

Here are the prompts for April – remember to get your #tags on there if you’re joining in, and do tag me too if you give it a go so I know to take a peek.


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