My Homemade Wardrobe – Update

Before reading any further I need you to know 2 things that are about to become very clear.  Firstly, and very obviously, I’m not a model.  Secondly, and also very obviously, I’m not a professional photographer.  Infact, at best I think I could be referred to as a ‘happy snapper’.  This isn’t necessarily a problem everyday, but it does mean posts like this aren’t quite as glossy as some.

Back in the autumn I wrote about my hopes to create, slowly but surely, a homemade wardrobe and I thought it was about time I updated you all.  Gradually adding homemade, good quality staple items to my more capsule wardrobe is something I’m still very much committed too. Having culled a large number of items into donation and skip piles, I can say hand on heart that I haven’t missed one item which I think says alot.   And to be honest I think I need to re-do the de-cluttering again as there are so many items I kept but haven’t worn once since they were all put back.

Top of my list was making up the Tilly and the Buttons’s Bettine Dress in some gorgeous Space Invaders fabric from the Fabric Godmother.  I have now made it (whoop whoop!) and it’s become a regularly worn item.  Infact I loved it so much that I made a second version, with a gold stripey fabric, in time for a Christmas Dinner with some fellow pushchair fitness mummies.  I am planning a proper post about my experience with the pattern, and and the changes I made from version one to two, but in summary I absolutely intend to make some more as the year goes on.

What the autumn and winter did teach me about my wardrobe clear out was that long sleeved jumpers/sweatshirts, as opposed to cardigans, were seriously lacking.  I had already eyed up the Linden pattern from the Grainline Studios and having read a few blog posts about people making theirs I took the plunge and bought the pattern, and some gorgeous designer sweatshirt weight jersey fabric, again from the Fabric Godmother.   I made very few tweaks to the pattern and, as with the Bettine dress, I’d love to get another one or two of these into my wardrobe of different weights, and perhaps some extra details too.  The pattern is so versatile and I have worn and worn and worn it in the few weeks since I finished it.

I have, of course, also got my next plans already listed.  I got some gorgeous teal cotton with magenta/purple dots when at a craft show last March (yes, nearly a year ago), but I kept changing my mind what to do with it.  Well, my mind has been made up and I’m intending to make the Sew Over it Tulip Skirt with it.  The fabric should hold the shape and the pleats well (says my not very experienced dress-maker sense) and I’ll be able to wear it with tights in the winter and leggings the rest of the year. As chance would have it I already had a zip that would work with it so I took that as a sign.


Teal and Magenta spots for a Sew Over It Tulip Skirt and my light grey and neon pink jersey – it’s fate is still to be decided!

And as one project is never enough I’m still deciding what to do with this gorgeous light grey and neon pink striped lightweight jersey too.  I’m very tempted by the Hemlock Tee pattern (Grainline Studio), especially after I had such a good experience with the Linden and I like that it has sleeves.  But then I’m also tempted to turn it into a kimono type cardigan, like the one below (left) from the 3rd Sewing Bee Book Fashion with Fabric which could be really lovely for during the spring/summer.  Or there’s a simple tee (below right) in the 2nd Sewing Bee book Sew your own wardrobe too, but that only has short sleeves so chances are most of the time I’d need something over it.  Decisions decisions…….

I’m also still intending on turning some brushed cotton I have into Pyjama bottoms, although I don’t feel as rushed with that now knowing I wouldn’t get to wear them until the autumn anyway.  And there’s some fabric I bought for T (also last march) that needs making into a summer outfit for her.  And I’d like to make my hubby something.  And I’ve got Tilly’s Orla and Coco patterns, and the Archer shirt from the Grainline Studio just waiting for some fabric……..

So many ideas, so little time!  Hopefully I’ll have another update for you in a few months with what items I did get round to to help me through the spring and what my Summer sewing plans are.  And do look out for posts about sewing the Betting and Linden up as they’re planned in for the next few weeks.

And I promise I’ll work on my photography too!


What do you think?

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