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Etsy Banner Feb 16 Handmade by Holchester (1)As many of you know in November last year I opened Handmade by Holchester – a small business of my own selling my own homeware designs via Etsy.  In this time I have also had a website up and running and I’ve recently gone live with the latest piece of the puzzle, the Handmade by Holchester blog.

The HbyH blog is going to focus on our pieces and the stories behind them, but also our processes and tools, resources we use and sources of inspiration, our take on interiors trends and also lots of things Etsy-related.  For instance did you know that if you have an Etsy account (as a buyer) you can make Treasuries of your favourite items?  Well you can and HbyH will be doing one once a month on different themes, with our first on Neons and Brights.

HbH Blog screen shotI have no intention of letting SHSH go anywhere, but it seemed sensible to have a blog for some of the business side of things.  Not only does it give visitors to the website a better idea of who I am and make me more 3-dimensional than an ‘About me’ page can, but it also means that I’m not boring you with all that and topics that aren’t really what this blog was set up for. 

There will be some cross-posts, as sometimes the content will be relevant and sometimes I’ll be wanting to spread the word a bit further, but rest assured that won’t be a regular thing.  I am hoping to do small monthly round-ups of what features on there though so you can get a better idea of what’s there.

If you’d like to have a look at the new blog it can be found on our website here – do pop over for a peek!


What do you think?

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