The Power of Words

BThe power of wordsEST

Like alot of people, and seemingly most of my Instagram feed, I love a good quote.  Be it motivational, funny or just plain say-it-as-it-is, a good quote beautifully illustrated makes me happy.  And as today is World Book Day, and with Mother’s Day being this weekend, it seems like a good time to be considering how powerful, and meaningful, words can be.

I have my Words of Wisdom Pinterest board, and I also have a one on my Handmade by Holchester Pinterest account too as I think affirmations like these are things that everyone can benefit from, be it my personal followers or those of my business.

As well as appreciating the visual effects and the sentiments of these quotes, while I was doing Flourish with Kezia Hall from Supernaturally Healthy she made me think a bit more about the power of affirmations – not just reading the quotes but saying them out loud and even coming up with your own ones that can really mean something to you and to help, motivate and support you when you might need it.

I think of it a bit like this: when I do something stupid, like drop an egg on the floor, I’ll say something outloud.  Reprimand myself, probably swear and insult myself and my clumsy nature.  I will probably continue to feel frustrated for a while that I wasted that egg, and depending on my mood I may or may not think much about what I said to myself.  Well not all situations are as easy to get over as egg-dropping and sometimes people hear those voices and take them too seriously.  I know I certainly have.  But when was the last time you had the reverse and it was all positive?   I’m not one for writing my positive affirmations in lipstick on a mirror (mainly due to the upkeep and housework required) but every so often, after a crap night’s sleep or because you know the day is going to be tough, don’t just scroll through the positivity on Instragram/Twitter/Facebook but maybe say it out-loud a few times.  Even if its just gently under the noise of the shower.  You may feel silly but that giggly feeling, along with the meaning of your chosen phrase, really can be a powerful way to start your day off on the right foot.

Words are powerful – good and bad – so why not use them to your advantage?!

Here are some of my favourites from Pinterest (click for links to sources):



PS: The second illustration is one of my favourite quotes done by one of my favourite illustrators, and fellow Etsy Seller, so I just had to include it.  Isn’t it just delicate and beautiful and fits the quote so perfectly. Find her at Marnie Makes on Facebook or as Marnie Maurri on Etsy






What do you think?

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