I’m going to Blogtacular!


Fun.  Vibrant.  Inspirational.  And that was just what last year looked like!

I first heard about Blogtacular last summer, initially from reading Mollie Makes magazine, and those were the first words that sprang to mind.  Having just got back to my blog, and with a head full of big ideas but a lack of time and direction, seeing all the hype around the conference really encouraged me and made me think maybe there was a space out there (on here) for me.  Having followed on every platform I could, when the early bird tickets were announced I sat down with my (fantastically supportive and understanding) OH, told him all about it and said I’d like to go.

Having just finished receiving my maternity pay, spending on a ticket for a blogger conference when I’d only just got going with my blog did feel like an expense and a commitment, even as an early-bird.  But I don’t regret it for a second and I can’t wait to get there, see Em Makes and Bakes and meet lots of other bloggers who’s writing I’ve found so motivating.



A disproportionately exciting email to receive!

My main reason for going is because of its community and creative spirit. Its momentum is contagious and, without it being too clichéd, it really does feel like me.  I feel like I ‘get’ what they’re about and trying to achieve, and even though I’m still a newbie at blogging I do feel comfortable in the community and with its principles. Not to mention incredibly inspired and encouraged by them.

What it has also done is give me a sense of direction and focus for my blogging which I did desperately need, especially with building a new business too.  In fact it’s really helped with direction and focus for the business too which I didn’t predict.  This years speakers haven’t been announced yet, but looking at last years, and the range of topics and sessions, I can see why there was so much positivity after it and I’ve no doubt that this year will be no different. And to be honest, with all of that I wasn’t sure I could cope reading all about it again without being there.

So there’s just under 4 months left until the conference and tickets go on sale on Friday. Yes, this Friday.  I’ve got 4 months of waiting and excitement to go, and my planning head is going into overdrive thinking of all the things I want to do between now and then to see what I can achieve in that time.  One thing that is really helping is my Blogtacular x Lollipop Designs Life Planner which is just fab.  It’s a yearly planner, with really functional but undated pages so I’ve really been able to do with it what I want, trying a few things out and adapting it as I go. It’s again been great not just for this blog, but also for the business and getting a balance between them.


A freshly-unpacked crisp life-planner, complete with Blogtacular lightning strike


Life Planner at work, complete with big coffee and multicoloured pens

And although the conference itself is a big focus Blogtacular isn’t just one day a year. There’s the podcast, the weekly Twitter chat, a facebook group and of course a blog  all of which continue the same spirit and are a great resource and hub for knowledge sharing.  The range of interviewees on the podcast has been great and even only 5 episodes in has demonstrated just how diverse blog-land is, and how transferable many of the skills are.  I can’t recommend them highly enough, especially since my question features in the most recent episode with Leona from The Lucky Dip Club.



And I can’t wait!!!

To get tickets – or turn on an email counter to remind you – visit http://blogtacular.com/tickets/


4 thoughts on “I’m going to Blogtacular!

  1. Woo hoo! Me too! And I feel exactly the same – last year looked so amazing and sounded so inspirational that I knew I had to treat myself to a ticket this year because I would be too sad at missing out, having known all about it and had the chance to buy tickets.

    I’ve been blogging a couple of years now but still consider myself a newbie, and I know I have so much to learn. I am sure the sessions will be so helpful, but I’m also mostly looking forward to meeting people who I already feel I know from the fabulous Facebook group and from Instagram. 🙂 I’ll be seeing you there!


  2. I can’t wait either! I was a bit sad to not have cashed in on the early bird, but buying my ticket was the first thing I did not 26th Feb. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone.


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