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You should be setting your alarm for 6.50am on Tuesday 1st March.  Why? Because Lucky Dip Boxes go on sale at 7am.

Last year my friend Emma from Em Makes and Bakes, who also happens to be a blogging craftaholic, was wearing a brilliant brooch that said ‘hello’.  I asked her where it came from and so she told me all about the Lucky Dip Club. From that point I was intrigued, and very jealous, and a few months later I signed up as a subscriber.

The Lucky Dip Club was set up by Leona and as a subscriber every month some happiness, or as Leona puts it “a little colour and fun…… like a confetti cannon of happy!” falls through my letterbox.

Each month has a set theme and Leona works with a wide range of independent designers and makers on new or never seen before products for the box which fit in with the theme, such as stationery, handmade jewellery, homewares and even some DIY craft kits!  It’s recently gone through a few changes too so there is now a copy of “Girl Planet” in each box which is their own in-house mini-magazine with the intention to “encourage creativity, inspire everyday life and celebrate all it is to be a girl”.  And although I got a few personalised items in each of my first few boxes they are now quarterly, which personally I think is great because it was getting tough wearing/using them all each month and not forget about some of the other bits!

So far I’ve received 5 boxes – Slumber Party, Biscuits, Space Girl, Cats & Cocktails and Donut Dinerette.


Slumber Party




Space Girl


Cats and Cocktails


Donut Dinerette

The range of items in them has been great and it is genuinely exciting opening up each box to see what’s inside.  Some of my favourite items have been a unicorn broach (Slumber Party), a mocked up ‘nice’ biscuit with my name on (Biscuits), a canvas purse/case (Slumber Party) which is great for carrying my sewing bits, a biscuit pin cushion DIY set (Biscuits), a ‘You’re Outta This world’ papercut print (Space Girl), a weekly desktop/keyboard planner (Cats and Cocktails) and a big white-board fridge magnet (Donut Dinerette) which is SO useful! There have been so many fantastic little bits in them that it’s impossible to list them all but I’d genuinely say there is not one thing out of any of the five that I haven’t liked.


NikkiMcWilliams x Lucky Dip Club Print


My DIY Biscuit Pin Cushion made and in use – fits in with my crafty Tea theme

The enthusiasm and dedication to supporting creative maker/designers is so clear and the changes the Lucky Dip Club is going through as it grows are also wonderful to watch.  It really does have a great spirit to it, and the community on facebook and especially Instagram (@luckydipclub or #luckydipclub) have been great for finding and being introduced to new and inspiring designers.  And while I’m a long way off considering myself to be anywhere close to their league, I do find it so motivating – hopefully one box I’ll be one of the makers in there.

There has been a rise over the past year of the number of subscription boxes that can fit through your letterbox and bring you so much joy like the Lucky Dip Club, and the growth in numbers really does demonstrate how great an idea they are.  I’ve not received any of the others, but certainly price wise the Lucky Dip club seems well placed and while it is a wonderful added extra to receive each month, I don’t feel I’m overpaying for the privilege by any stretch.

You can buy them as one offs, so you don’t have to go for a subscription straight away, so maybe give them a one-off go and then decide?  But remember to set your alarm – they go on sale at 7am and their limited numbers sell out fast!  Leave it til after 9am when you’ve got to work and you may spend the day disappointed!

I can’t wait until my next box arrives – follow me on Instagram @sewgertie for a sneek peek of what’s inside this months ‘Galentines’ box.


What will be in it?! Check my IG this time next week to hopefully find out!

PS:  As chance would have it Leona is interviewed in the most recent Blogtacular Podcast and it’s absolutely worth a listen.  Not only is my question also featured but the podcasts have featured discussions with a varied bunch of very inspiring bloggers and creatives and I would 100% recommend a listen.

PPS: Even more chance – My next post is coming on Thursday and is going to be about Blogtacular so keep your eyes peeled!



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