Why I love a Green Smoothie

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the ‘healthy’ side of things and, since it was such a key thing when I set up this blog, I thought it was about time I gave you guys a bit of an update.

Truth is, there’s not a massive amount to update you on.  I still suck at running, although overall my fitness has improved quite a bit.  And generally with Tigger now on proper food our family diet has improved alot as we’re far more conscious of what we’re eating and how balanced it is which can only be a good thing.

Following the drive to get healthier last year some of the ‘improvements’ I tried to make have fallen off the routine.  Trying to medidate/have some quiet time didn’t last long at all, neither did obsessively entering food into a food diary.  And let’s face it they were always the ones most likely to go as Tigger neared Toddler-hood.

What has well and truly stuck though is my love of a green smoothie.  Yes they may not look inviting to the un-knowledgeable eye, or even to the knowledgeable one sometimes, but they have been life-changing in terms of my overall diet.

On a usual day my breakfast these days is a smoothie, usually accompanied by a large green tea or coffee and some water.  Yes it’s alot of liquid first thing in the morning, but it fits in so well with getting Tigger’s breakfast as it can’t go cold or soggy like other breakfast regulars, and I do find them really refreshing and energising.  I make sure that my smoothies are predominantly veg based so I’m not getting too much sugar, and they’ll always have at least 3 of my 5 a day in there and often more.  Banana, frozen spinach, kale and frozen peas feature quite a bit as they’re good basics to have in the house, and depending on what we’ve got celery, cucumber, apple (stewed or fresh), avocado and frozen berries may get a look in too.  To keep me full I make sure they’ve also got oats, chia seeds or nuts/nut butter in too, which are also good sources of protein, and I’ll also add fresh or ground ginger, cinnamon, cocoa or Chilli to give them a bit of a zing.  And if some extra sweetness is needed maybe a dried date or two or a drizzle of honey.


Some smoothies, (and a few other healthy eats) that I’ve had recently!

There are literally thousands of recipes on-line for making smoothies so I’m not going to repeat them here.  But I will point you in the direction of Laura at Wholeheartedly Healthy, Jemma at Celery and Cupcakes and Kezia at Supernaturally Healthy all of whom have lots of (sensible) info on their websites and blogs.  Although I’d been intrigued for a while it was signing up to Kezia’s 10-day Green Smoothie Challenge that really got me going with them and I’d definitely recommend both the challenge and her smoothie e-book as good sources of inspiration for making up your own.

So, what Green Smoothie wisdom can I now share after being a devotee for nearly a year.

  • The greener the better. Unless you’ve added cocoa or cherries/berries in which case it won’t look as pretty but it will still taste fab.
  • ALWAYS rinse your blender, and your glass, as soon as it’s empty.  It doesn’t take long to dry out and it’s then so much more hassle to clean.
  • You don’t need an expensive blender to make a good smoothie.  I used the blender attachment on a standard £35 food processor nearly everyday for a good 6 months before I got my (very beautiful and sleek) Nutribullet.  I was super-lucky that it was a birthday present and while I do absolutely love it, and it does deal with frozen things better and quicker and I can now make nut-butter as its more powerful,  for just smoothies I would have happily carried on with my standard one until it broke. In fact I was verging on that anyway which is why I got the present.
  • There are alot of things you can add to smoothies, like maca powder, spirulina etc, which can be a bit pricey.  They are nice to have to add in but they are optional extras and don’t ‘make’ a smoothie – the fresh veg does so don’t go thinking you can’t do them justice without them.

And finally, smoothies in shops, either freshly made to order or pre-bottled really can be nice and refreshing.  But I promise you nothing is as refreshing or as satisfying as blitzing your own to your exact preferences.  So go on – have a go.

Happy Blending!!


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