2015 – Fail. 2016 – Positivity

If you were to look back in my notebook at my resolutions from the start of 2015 and then look at where I was at the end of the year the word it would all boil down to is Fail.  4 letters that can be harsh and hurtful.

But it really wasn’t. (No need to gasp or tell me how wrong I am!)

Apart from the obvious of what they tell you about what I wanted to achieve this year, what they really say about me this time last year is just how much I underestimated my state of mind and how unrealistic I was about motherhood.  At a stretch you could also say it demonstrates just how positive a Costa Chai Latte makes me – this time last year 3 month old Tigger and I spent ALOT of time in Costa as the kitchen was being refitted.

At the start of this year, as inspired by #bulletjournal and #planwithme on Instagram, I started a new planner and one of the first things I did was write my achievements of last year.  I managed 8 and they weren’t insignificant.  Seeing them written actually made me slighly emotional too.  I’ve left employment and set up my own small business.  I’ve helped the local NCT branch which helped me so much.  I’ve even pushed a buggy, dressed as Santa, in a charity event.  But first and foremost Tigger has reached 14 months, is healthy, happy, has a ridiculously cheeky grin and quacks at ducks. The epitome of success in my book.  Any any mother, and especially those mummies I’m lucky enough to count as my close friends, can ignore any resolutions we might of made for last year cause in reality we smashed it!

So this year I’ve discarded (well, hidden in my bookshelf) my heavy, pretty Paperchase notebook which contains so many of those mis-judged objectives and am instead using a slim beautiful Teal Moleskin I got for my birthday from my in-laws.  It fits perfectly inside my b-eau-tiful Kate Spade diary and along with my Blogtacular x Lollipop Life Planner for all my blogging/social media blurb, I’ve got a streamlined, creative and most importantly realistic set-up to help me through this year.

The word for this year is POSITIVE.  My Jar of Positivity is ready and waiting for notes of all positive happenings, and already has a few in.  My One
Line a day 5-year diary is in my bedside table to be filled in before bed each night. Well, most nights. Hopefully.

No year could beat 2015 in terms of emotional rollercoaster-yness or intensity, but I’m positive that 2016 is going to be positive. 

After all, I’m now responsible for it so why shouldn’t it be?


One thought on “2015 – Fail. 2016 – Positivity

  1. The most important job we have as adults is to raise the next generation, either our own children or by supporting other parents to raise theirs. The fact that Tigger is happy and healthy is a major achievement on your part, so what if nothing else got done!


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