Handmade by Holchester

So I’ve actually gone and done it.

As of now (well, 12th November) I am a business owner, creative director, sole trader, driving force, general dogsbody and businessmum.  I quite like that last one, it’s nowhere near as daunting as the rest!

handmadebyholchesterv1 50percent

As you may have picked up through some of my other posts, especially those from earlier in the year, I’ve always been creative and during my maternity leave the opportunity presented itself to maybe make a pocket-money making enterprise out of what has always been a major part of me.  And while the decision to make that final leap took ALOT of thought, and a decent amount of reasoned debate with fear, when it came down to it in reality it was a no-brainer.  We’re fortunate to be in a position that we can cover the absolute essentials of family living so now is my time to have a go at being me 100% of the time!

That’s not to say that in being in HR I wasn’t me, nor that I’ll never go back to it – it was a sector I really enjoyed being in and the amount I learnt has just been amazing and continues to be useful.  But for now, with Tigger so young and everything else as it is, now seemed the time to give it a bash!

Don’t worry – I won’t be using this blog as a pitching platform.

This is my corner of the webby-world to share the other crafts I do and is my little outlet for that and so much more.  But at the same time to not mention it here and now at the start of it all would also be wrong as it will not only take up a great deal of my time but will also frame my perspective on so much.

One benefit of starting HbyH (it’s too long a name to keep typing!) is that I’m having to be super-organised.  I used to pride myself on my organisation skills but that was before Tigger and as I’m sure any parent will agree things are harder to timetable and keep in their places when there’s another thoroughly gorgeous but totally oblivious being involved!  As part of the organisation though I’m determined to be better at timetabling in more regular, and varied, blog posts so hopefully everywhere will benefit.  I always seemed to function better when I was busy so hopefully that’s still the case.  Suppose I’ll have to wait and see on that one, and keep all my fingers and toes crossed.

If you fancy taking a peek at what Handmade by Holchester is about and looks like you can see them on the website [please bear in mind that it’s new and I’m still learning] http://www.holchester.com and I’m selling items through an Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/handmadebyholchester  I’ve also got a Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Twitter and Instagram accounts – the the links are on the website.

Do let me know what you think of it all (and especially if you spot any typos!)



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