October’s Makes


October was quite a month!  As always Tigger took centre stage and her first birthday felt like quite a watershed moment for her, and for us as parents – we all made it!!!

It was also quite a productive month creatively for me. Tigger turning one, and her starting with a child minder for a golden 4 hours each week really has given me the jolt to join the real world again.  Even though I’d tried hard to imagine leaving my mummy-bubble, knowing that I’d been in it for a whole year and seeing how things around me were changing was just what I needed to actually start getting my act together rather that just thinking endlessly about it.

Of course birthday decorations were top priority and it also doubled as a perfect opportunity to try some new techniques and product ideas.  I was really pleased with a short string of bunting I made (scrap fabric, scrap ribbon, fabric paint and pink mini-pom poms!) which will also double as some more decorations for her room.


IMG_6618 Tigger’s Birthday tea-party with all the grandparents.

Inspired by seeing so many on Pinterest and Instagram I also had a go at a tissue paper garland and I was really pleased with the effect.  I deliberately went for bright colours as it was intended to hang in our conservatory which is lovely and light but painted magnolia (waiting until Tigger is better with eating before we re-decorate!), and other than folding one in the wrong direction meaning one pair of yellow tassels is shorter than the rest, I do think it works well across the patio doors.  So well in fact that we’re keeping them up.  Well it is my OH’s birthday this month and then Christmas so why not?! I might leave them up for January, and maybe February, as they can be quite bleak months………… The same will be the case for the paper-chains too.  They were a pre-made pack I’d been given a while back but they added a subtle something extra to what is quite a dull conservatory space!

Obviously every birthday girl gets a birthday cake. I wanted to keep it relatively simple but at the same time for it to be special and I got close to what I wanted to achieve with a 3-layered rainbow sponge cake with jam and buttercream.  As great as the mixture looked the colours weren’t as vibrant as I had hoped, although I was still really pleased with the pastel outcome. IMG_6575As far as the decorating went it wasn’t quite what I imagined either but the buttercream was a bit thicker than I intended and so it took longer than I imagined to finish it.  Overall though the cake was super-tasty, if a bit of a sugar-explosion, was enjoyed by the birthday girl (only a tiny bit!) and didn’t last long either so I guess that’s the best endorsement!

IMG_6593And of course, after a birthday there are the thank you cards to write and I used Tigger’s first session with the child minder to get these made, written and enveloped.  It really is amazing what you can get done in a few hours with no distractions! Another simple but effective craft – I’m hoping to get a quick-crafts post about these written soon so keep an eye out.  IMG_6527But Tigger’s birthday was not the only focus of the month.  I had a go at paper-cutting and made two cards for friends and I really enjoyed the process of creating and cutting the design.  My designs were relatively simple so the process was also pretty simple but I do think the cards are really effective and getting the backing colours in place made such a satisfying difference.  I have always loved the look of paper-cutting and having had a go at it myself I have the utmost respect for the pros – the patience, attention to detail and delicacy of what they produce is stunning and I can absolutely see why you’d persevere and get addicted.  I also made a cushion for a friend’s son as his ‘welcome to the world’ present which was woefully late as he turned 1 in september, oops!  I had been planning it since before he was born but Tigger’s arrival took up more time than I imagined.  Honestly, I really thought I could get this made really easily with a baby in the house!  They seemed really happy with it and I’m certainly going to be looking to master those techniques better in the future as I was really pleased with the end result.IMG_6442FullSizeRender (12)


He’s got a flappy ear and a woolly tail too!

I’ve also been playing with a few different product designs this month in an effort to focus more on what I think should be the first few items that I sell.   I had a go at two different banners and from it I learnt loads about my processes which is going to be so useful.


And finally, I finished something for me!!  Although technically this wasn’t finished until 1st November as it  was all crocheted during October I’m counting it here.  I bought the Wool and the Gang Carrie-on-Tote kit in September with some birthday money I received and whilst I’ve absolutely loved doing it I love the end result even more.  It’s big enough to get some of my bits and changing bag basics for Tigger in without it feeling too full.  It won’t be replacing the changing bag full time – it’s FAR too stylish for that – but it is a brilliantly versatile bag and I’m already really enjoying using it.

So that was October and fortunately November has started off just as creative and productive.  We’ve got another birthday in the household so that’s the focus for the start of the month, but by the middle we’ll be looking forwards towards Christmas and trying to plan for that – how exciting!!

So did you have a creative October, and do you have any crafty plans for November? Are you getting your Christmas craft-on yet?


What do you think?

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