Made by me: Crochet Bookends

I was taught how to crochet years ago by my mam but it was one of those skills that got filed away very deep in the depths of my memory.  I’d pick it up every few years, usually for small one-off things, where I’d feel like I was starting from scratch again and this was how it continued.  Until earlier this year that is.

Spending more time at home with Tigger, and the growing popularity of crochet, made me think about taking it up again as something I could do at home without too much noise, or equipment, and as I’d never learnt to make granny squares I got my mam to re-teach me.  Luckily she’s very patient and after a quick lesson, and then another quick lesson, I was on my way.

But the big question was what to make with my squares.  I didn’t want to make a blanket as we’ve already got a few in lots of different shapes, materials and sizes, and then my pile of craft books (that don’t fit in the bookcase) fell over and so the decision was made – I’d make two cubes and fill them to create some bookends.  I had no idea if it would work or whether I could get them heavy enough, but I figured I’d have fun trying.  My back-up plan was filling them with toy-stuffing and using them as pin cushions – something I’m still tempted to do!

The actual crocheting didn’t take too long once I got into the routine of it and I did find the repetitive nature of it really relaxing.  The colours I used for my squares is random and was mainly dependent on what I had in my stash – for someone who doesn’t do that much knitting or crochet I do have quite a bit of wool! I decided that I wanted them to look as a pair so I chose 6 colours (purple, pink, coral, light green, teal and blue) and got hooking away!


Trying to decide which colours went best.

Once I’d decided on the colours I was off again and it didn’t take too long to have the 12 pieces that I needed.  The next step was deciding which colour combos to have for the cubes, which took me a lot longer than I thought it would.

Which way works best......?

Which way works best……?

So I finally made a decision, stitched them together (leaving one edge unstitched for filling) and then made sure I finished all the ends properly too before the next step. There were ALOT of ends!

Where did all these ends come from?!

Where did all these ends come from?!

In order to fill them and make them weighty, it was necessary to line them as otherwise the stuffing would fall out the holes! I decided I’d use some of the sheet felt I had in my stash (it’s amazing what I can find in there!) and so I got to work deciding which colours to match which side and cutting them out.  For ease, and speed, I ended up stitching them into cubes using the sewing machine having cut 11cm squares and using 0.5cm allowance round the edges, again leaving a hole for the filling.

Felt lining and crochet cubes ready to be combined,

Felt lining and crochet cubes ready to be combined,

They are filled with a mixture of dried rice and lentils – I decided one day that I WAS going to finish them there and then and that’s what we had in the house!  As an extra precaution I put small freezer bags into the cubes and filled those so there is an extra layer to hold in the contents, and hopefully stop them from going peculiar, not that they should.  Once filled I stitched up the holes and looked quite smug (Ignoring the fact that overall the process, including some long periods sat on a shelf, took around 6 months!).

The finished bookends.

The finished bookends!

IMG_5935 IMG_5932

While this did take too long to be considered as one of my quick crafts, it’s certainly relaxing, not too complicated and was perfect for ‘in-front of TV’ or ‘baby-brain’ crafting.  I’m really pleased with result, especially as it’s a first attempt and I certainly won’t be filing away crochet into the depths again, I think it’s here to stay!


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