The Handmade Fair – and a perfect birthday

I’ve been lucky enough to have a birthday recently and it was one of the best birthdays ever.
I’d pretty much conceded that now Tigger’s here I wouldn’t really get birthday as the birthday-girl, but at less than a year she’s perfectly happy bobbing along with any plans we might make which actually makes it perfect.  I know next year won’t be quite the same!

I was originally due to be going to the Handmade Fair, presented by the crafty-queen Kirstie Allsopp, but then my mam couldn’t come with me so those plans fell through.  So hubby arranged to take the day off for a family day – just as lovely, and probably cheaper!  But then I only went and won a pair of tickets!  For someone who doesn’t often win things (who does?!) it was obviously a sign and knowing how much I did want to go my OH came with me and helped with Tigger.  I say helped, he actually carried her the whole way round!  With so much going on, and little hands that like to grab at things, it was a lot easier for him to carry her while I pushed the buggy, which made for a great bag carrier (Note to selves, next time use the carrier that you left in the car!).

The fair itself was wonderful.  Hubby referred to it as me ‘being with my people’ and it did feel like that!  The range of stalls was fascinating and the amount of skill and talent on show was fabulous.  My tickets were just entry and as Tigger was with us I didn’t do any of the sessions or workshops, but I did see the spoils of those being shown off around the site and they looked really impressive. I’ll definitely be doing those next year. And yes, I’ll be there next year and I will do what I can to leave the baby at home.  As much as she loved it, and the masses of compliments she got for cuteness and good behaviour, it was difficult to get properly stuck in with her there.

So we drove back, Tigger slept all the way, and we went to visit my mam and dad in their hotel for the night for a birthday drink before heading home, putting Tigger to bed and sitting down to enjoy the start of the rugby world cup with pizza and prosecco.  There couldn’t be a more perfect way to spend an evening.  Except the next night we topped it with a baby-free (thanks mam and dad!) night of drinks and Thai dinner with friends.  As tragic as it sounds this time last year I had only met 1 or 2 of the people that came out and it was just so nice to see so many friendly faces, and celebrate my birthday with them, knowing quite how much had happened since my last one.

Overall my 4-day birthday-fest was perfect with its craftiness, family-time, food, drink, cake AND a full wardrobe clear out.  More of that to come another time, but with so much in there I wasn’t wearing, and seeing the TV coverage of how much spare clothes were needed for the migrant crisis in Greece and other parts of Europe, I was motivated to make the most of every moment of the weekend I had.

Birthdays aren’t always fabulous.  Especially if you’re working or life gets in the way, and I’ve had a few of those.  But this year it was just perfect.  And I’ve not only got some pics to remember it by either – some of my gifts will keep me occupied for weeks (hopefully not quite months!) to come. Oh, and did I mention I also started to prepare some fabric which I got at the fair for a Tilly and the Buttons Bettine dress  No? Oops………  (I didn’t spend too much there, honest!)

Did any of you visit The Handmade Fair, and what did you think of it?  Which sessions did you do and any recommendations for next year – Other than start saving now for the shopping village?


What do you think?

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