I’m back!

So my last post was June, and while it doesn’t feel like that long ago that I last wrote, blogging did grind to a halt over the summer.  But I am, once again, back with a whole new-found enthusiasm and, perhaps more importantly, some direction.

Evidence that I played the flute at my friend's wedding

Evidence that I played the flute at my friend’s wedding

The summer has been full of some wonderful times with Tigger, mummy friends and best of all as a family.  I’ve been a bridesmaid, attended a number of christenings, got to show Tigger off to our wider families and despite the school holidays resulting in a lot of our usual baby groups stopping for the summer we’ve also had some great times out and about.

At home we’re starting to get into more of a routine and I’m even getting much better at keeping on top of the housework.  I am seriously lacking on the housework side of domestic goddess-ness and although I’m still a million miles off achieving that status, I’m closer than I was, yay!  I’ve also started drinking coffee – it only took me 30 years to join the club!  Hubby bought a Nespresso proper coffee machine (with a milk-frother for my hot chocolates!), but what neither of us saw coming was that I would start using it too!  At least he’s getting to keep the more intense ones as I’m still on the low, long ones with lots of milk and sometimes a bit of sugar.  Considering I largely stay away from caffeine I really feel its effect and it has helped me get going on some of my slower mornings (which is going to come in useful over the coming months!).


Preparing a little wake-me-up!

The biggest change over the summer has been on the work front.  With my maternity leave due to end around now, I went and spoke to my employer towards the end of June about returning.  In hearing all about what was happening I came home feeling quite overwhelmed and finding it hard to reconcile in my head how I could bring the ‘old-’ and ‘new-me’ together and still get what I wanted from both of them.  The more I thought about it the clearer it became that I just wasn’t ready and it did make me seriously question whether returning at all was the right thing to do.  So, to cut the rest of my rambling thoughts short, I decided to resign.  It was tough to write the letter to confirm it but once I pressed send I was 100% sure it was the right thing to do and fortunately my husband has been thoroughly supportive.  I am incredibly lucky to have his support, financially and emotionally, and the opportunity to spend more time with Tigger as she changes from baby into toddler is a wonderful thing to have.

But….. If this mum wants a holiday/new sewing machine/updated wardrobe, then this mum is going to have to be earning something!  So I’ve decided [insert drumroll] that I’m going to try and make my crafting pay (eeeeek!).  It won’t ever make me millions, in fact I’d be happy with a few hundreds (and my husband would prefer it to be somewhere between the two!), but this time seems a good opportunity to give this dream of mine a try and see if it really is viable!  And if I didn’t take this opportunity I think I would always be wondering if I should have done.

So, I’m back to blogging with a vengeance and I’ll also start writing about my experiences of setting up Handmade by Holchester’.  It’ll have a proper blog launch over the coming months as for now there’s A LOT of behind the scenes type work to sort out, but hopefully writing about it will not only help me get a grip (just as writing earlier in the year did), but also encourage and inform anyone else who wants to do the same.  Hopefully!

Sorry again for being away, and congrats for making it to the end of the post!

And what do you think about Handmade by Holchester’ as a name?  Is it a bit long? A bit alienating? A bit ‘meh’? Any comments do let me know!


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