The Home Studio Dream

I LOVE Pinterest. And the use of the capitals is not an exaggeration.

As soon as the hubby and I getting our own home became even a distant glimmer of possibility I’d started a board and now I have boards which chart nearly all my obsessions, and passions (My profile is here).  When I knew I was expecting Tigger a secret board was set up, and now I even have one which I share with both Tigger’s grandma’s so we can share ideas of things to make for her.

When we looked round our house as potential buyers I was sold as soon as I saw an extra downstairs room that would make the perfect workroom/office/studio and I began dreaming about what I could transform it into.  There are thousands of pictures on Pinterest of the sorts of spaces I aspired to create but, albeit grudgingly, my realistic side knew they weren’t possible (not that it stopped me pinning them!) in our house.  What we (I) needed was somewhere that I could set up my sewing machine, put up the little pictures, quotes, gifts etc that we had been given, lots of storage for my huge stash of ‘crafty-stuff’ and a home for our big book collection.  But I also wanted it to be a creative space, not too claustrophobic, have a professional to-do sense about it (in the vain hope that it might mean that’s what happens in there!) and not be too daunting for Tigger – I want her to imagine it being a bit like a treasure trove!

So – what’s the plan for making this happen? It started with a major sort-out, a rush paint-job with a big tin of white paint, a new bookcase and a big helping hand from my parents who helped by alternating child-minding with lifting/painting.  The rest of the room will be using other bits we have in the house already.  I’m lucky in that following a kitchen refit at the start of the year there was a long length of bench left over and so that is becoming a decent desk-top, it just needed some legs making/attaching.  And this weekend, once I’d got the boring and necessary bits out of the way, it was all about getting my workroom up and running – which I managed after a good 5 hours (on and off) of tidying and organising.

Knowing this update was on the horizon a lot of my thinking time during Tigger’s many feeds over the past few months have, naturally, been taken up by planning the ‘fun stuff’ and nice touches that would make it my workspace.  And as I always have my smartphone or ipad to hand it’s been perfect Pinterest-ing time.

My current obsession is neon/bright colours and metallics (especially fluorescent coral, teal and copper) and with the plain white of the walls I’m hoping to inject some colour with some accessories, mainly homemade.  I’m loving these pen pots (No. 6)  which have been covered in wool and so I’m hoping to re-purpose some of the many random pots I’ve got like that.

Crochet jar cosies and DIY rope basket - Mollie Makes 49

Either Crochet, or an alternative is to carefully wrap yarn around them. Image Linked

My lovely fluorescent coral planter (turned penpot) from Habitat at Homebase

I got this neon tray and plant pots from Habitat (was on sale in Homebase) which I’m using and while I LOVE the colour of the tray the pots are a bit dull – I think one will get the Mollie Makes treatment, one will get sprayed, and I’m not sure about the third.

From Auteur Auriel – Image linked

All good workspaces need a pin-board and while I would love to have a massive one that was as big as the wall I instead took inspiration from picture displays like the one above and used basic wall hooks, garden twine and pegs to hang all my nice ‘bits’ of inspirational images, my first mother’s day card and the umpteen to-do lists I’m bound to write.  I absolutely love having it up and it has made such a difference to the room.  But it’s not quite finished yet and needs a bit of colour so at some point soon I think I’ll be spraying or painting some of the pegs gold, copper and neon too.

A good desk-chair is a practical necessity and a uniquely decorated one can add another great touch.  I’m currently using a plain wooden one with some old cushions and my head is full of ideas for what I can do to it.  One idea I like is this one using fabric and it could also be done as decoupage with paper.

LOVE this from Designer Trapped in a Lawyers Body – Image Linked

Paperchase always have a great selection of papers which could be used for this, as well as backing for the bookcase shelves to make them a bit more interesting.  I also really like the idea of following on with the neon/metallic theme so I may get my money’s-worth from some spray paint and use it, and lots of masking tape (!), to create some sort of pattern.  And of course it can all be made that little bit more comfortable if I use some of my fabric scraps to make some cushions like these ones.You know, in all that spare time that I have!


Cushion envy – Image Linked

Some other elements I’m hoping to include, one way or another are:

flamingo sticky backed plastic

Flamingo Foil Roll – What a pattern!! Image Linked

Flamingo paper/foil roll from Gilliangladrag I just LOVE the pattern on this.  Although I’m not sure yet how I’ll incorporate it I will try my hardest to somewhere.  I might even just frame it as it is!

Everyone needs an in-tray! Image Linked

Copper Paper tray – Anthropologie.  Everyone needs an in-tray! And they do another matching accessories too.

Serious Lamp lust! Image Linked

I really do need a desk lamp both to ease me into the mornings instead of the main light and to help with any detailed drawing and stitching the main light can’t reach properly.  This Copper Lamp from Howkapow is on my lust list!

And other things to make/do: Sort out the lighting (I’m not a fan of the fitting we inherited from the previous owners), Bookends (they’re a work in progress, hopefully coming soon), I’d really like a Wall Hanging and perhaps a grown-up Mobile as I’m jealous of Tigger’s, re-paint the drawers which I experimented on last year, paint the bookshelves and decorate/label the storage boxes, cover the table legs so they stop being dull mdf………… The list goes on and on!

So those are some of my plans.  Now I just need to make them happen!  Any suggestions for something else?  What is your must-have office-item, or what would you banish without a second thought?  Any have you got any lighting recommendations?

I’ll let you know how I get on!

My first morning working at my loveky desk


2 thoughts on “The Home Studio Dream

  1. It sounds like you have some great plans! I’m loving that flamingo paper. I would love a place to clip things up like the photo clips too but I don’t have any wall space in my craft area… I will have to find another wall! I’m just popping by from the Blogtacular FB group. Nice to meet you x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jennifergracecreates – It’s lovely to meet you too! I did get some of the flamingo paper in the end, and I’m just planning on where to put it – It’s so lovely I don’t want to waste any of it! Hopefully speak to you soon on the Blogtacular FB group. X


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