Quick Craft #1 – Handprints

There are so many lovely items in shops these days that really can be made at home in not alot of time at all – it’s just all about the know how.  And what’s even better is that when you do make them yourself they become personal and unique, and what is nicer to have in your home?

The idea behind the Quick Craft series is that they are things you can do in less than an hour, and usually in ALOT less (depending on drying time etc).  Some of them are family orientated as that reflects a big focus of my own crafting, but often they can be easily adapted however you want.  He point is that they are quick to do and what you do with them really is up to you!


First up is Handprints (just like we used to make in primary school!)

I did these ones to record when my daughter was 6 months old.  We have so many things around the house that can record how she is growing up, and being able to take photos so easily is a brilliant, but I wanted something that could also record us as a family.

I originally wanted to do them earlier when she was 4 months old but trying to control her hand was just a bit too tricky and I chickened out.  6 months seemed like a good milestone though, and I’ll hopefully make them into a set with some more at 9 months and then 12 months too, and might even do feet.

I already had the canvas in my craft stash from an intended project a while ago that never happened (that’s what alot of my stash is made up of!) and I used standard acrylic paint, making sure that it didn’t have any nasties in it just in case for Tigger.

To hold and mix the paint I used a normal sideplate which I covered tightly with a sheet of cling-film.  I keep meaning to replace my palate which I damaged a few years ago but I find that this means I can use little amounts of paint and its easy to clean, especially useful with a baby to clean too.  Once I’d got lots of baby wipes and kitchen roll on hand I dished out the basic paint colours I wanted to use for the first, largest, print and then mixed it to the shade I wanted before getting my other half to hold out his hand to be painted.  I then repeated this a bit later for my print and then again for Tigger’s leaving enough time for the print to dry between times.

With all three of our prints I was careful not to put too much paint on so we were able to see some of the detail on the hands which I think has been really effective.  For Tigger’s print I also had to hand a smaller pointed brush so any area that did not print too well could be filled in by lightly dabbing paint into the relevant area.

 The final stage will be to title/caption it but even after 3 weeks I can’t decide what I want it to say! Any suggestions are welcome although I think its highly possible that I won’t decide until I’ve decide what its going to hang next to!

There are, of course, lots of other things you can do to customise and personalise your print:  Use feet instead; start by adding some backing paper onto the canvas for a coloured or patterned background; or maybe create a paper frame to reach beyond the canvas edge which can be a really great and dramatic addition.  The range of effects you can add easily to a project like this just with paper or card is endless and makes for a relatively cheap project too.  The only thing I would suggest is that rather than prit-stick or other stick glue, if you are going to stick to the canvas use PVA to fix it, but be careful not to get it on the painting area (before printing) as it will effect the quality of the print.

Overall (not including the drying time in between) this print took me less than half and hour, including cleaning up hands and brushes.  Now I just need to decide where to hang it!

It really is super quick and super easy – do send me pics via Twitter or Instagram (@Gert189) of your finished pieces.


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