I’m Flourish-ing!

WARNING (and sorry) – this is a long one!

At the start of the year I considered my new year’s resolutions just like so many others, and probably you too.  While I would say I’ve had resolutions for as long as I can remember, I’ve never taken them too seriously, which may or may not have been why I’ve never been that great at keeping them.  When I got a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago from my OH I made the resolution that I would read 6 books that year and that was the first new year’s resolution that I’d ever kept!

But this year, when I was thinking about them, it felt like a different opportunity and I was keen to use the year properly and think about what I really wanted from this year.  (You can totally tell I was in quite a thoughtful place at the time can’t you?!)

One thing I really wanted was to set a good example for Tigger, knowing that in order to do it I really had to get myself into those good habits before she notices. I’ve written before about getting into some good lifestyle habits, and when I saw Flourish advertised by Super Naturally Healthy while I was doing the Green Smoothie Challenge it really appealed to me.  I’d seen this, and other courses, previously and although I was curious I’d never gone any further with it.  What I liked about the course was that it’s not the ‘our way or nothing’ type programme and that it also deals with mental attitudes, especially related to weight loss.  I’d really enjoyed the emails and information I’d got from Kezia so I thought I’d give it a go!

Now there are lots of other courses like this around (Laura Agar-Wilson at Wholeheartedly Healthy runs Fabulous You! which was also tempting) and something like this certainly isn’t for everyone.  And choosing to do the six week course over a period where I’ve got a weekend away, a wedding, a bank holiday weekend and a family reunion may seem like self-sabotage.  But rather than set myself up for failure I thought it would add a useful extra dimension to it, small opportunities to see how I act and how I’m able to implement a ‘Flourish’ inspired approach.

One aspect of the course that is shared with some of the more popular ‘group’ weight loss programmes (e.g. Weightwatchers meetings) is the idea that you’re contributing to a group effort and that the group is there to engage and support you to whatever extent you need.  We’ve got a private Facebook group which is great for getting that support and motivation and there’s a shared Pinterest board for recipe sharing and inspiration.  So far (I’m at the end of week two) we’ve had one group coaching call which was also really interesting and encouraging and as the weeks have gone on it’s been great getting to know each other and see that other people share my foibles too.  The de-tox focus at the start of the course wasn’t a hard-core detox and was really easy to fit into my everyday life but the best bit for me was having the opportunity to look at our weekly diet and try swapping a few things in and out.  For instance I’ve managed a 10 day stretch without caffeine (I had an 8 mugs a day green tea habit!) and pasta was fully swapped-out for Courgetti, one of my recent food crazes.

So what have I learnt about myself so far? I don’t need to have a mug of green tea attached my hand 90% of the day.  I don’t need carbs to be such a big part of my main meal just for the OH.  If I break down by bad habits into the small bits that make it then it’s far more manageable to change them.  But the main thing I’ve learned is this: I used to eat the big portions and be greedy because that’s what people expected of me.  To not do it would draw attention to the fact I wasn’t happy about my weight, that there was something to be unhappy about in the first place and admitting it seemed like a weakness.   But in reality no-one’s noticed.  And if they have they’re not bothered.  And if anyone is going to be inconvenienced by me, then it’ll be my OH and Tigger and its benefitting them too so they’ll just have to deal with it!

Bring on the next four weeks!

Oh, and as part of my participation I’m also writing about my experiences for the Super Naturally Healthy website – my first post can be found here!


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