The weekend is calling!


As I’m typing this my arms are resting on the desk and are quite close in to my body.  My hair is down as my tie fell out and I’ve not had the courage to put it up again.  And this is all because I went to Boxing Bootcamp last night and I’m already feeling it!

Luckily I was able to pick Tigger up this morning, but I have a feeling that may get trickier during the day as the stiffness sets in.  I did lots of stretching, inclding some more this morning, but after such a focus on my arms last night I think avoiding any stiffness would be miraculous! I did, however, have an absolutely fabulous time and I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to go again soon, although as the instructor changes up the days sometimes I won’t be able to make it a regular thing.

It was just so lovely to be outside and, as mean as it sounds, without Tigger in tow I was really able to go for it.  I went with my Pushchair Fitness instructor who is a ball of energy and enthusiasm and it was great to keep me going, although there were points where neither of us could do anything because we’d got the giggles.

As I jogged back to the car after the class (I can’t believe I’ve just typed that!!) I realised quite how ‘free’ and energised I was feeling, and how much I really had enjoyed the class.  Enjoying exercise is something that I haven’t always done and gym-ming and gym classes were very much a means to an end, and an end that never seemed to get much closer.  Now I’m certainly not a gym addict, nor am I about to become one that writes about it loads, but it was such a lovely feeling that this morning, even with my sore arms and the really early start (courtesy of Tigger) I’m feeling really revitalised and looking forward to the weekend.  And this is after a really lovely week where I’ve had lunches with friends, walks in the countryside and even had to wear my sunglasses in the house in order to get some work done as it was so lovely outside! 


 Unfortunately I’m not able to go to the next Make and Meet which is on this evening (sad face) but I am going to visit my parents with Tigger for the weekend while my OH is away on a stag-weekend so we’ll be seeing lots of family and hopefully have a wonderfully relaxed time. I’ve also stashed two of my current craft projects in my bag too so if the Grand-Tiggers get involved I might get some pics up next week – fingers crossed!

I hope you all have an equally energised Friday and weekend!


What do you think?

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