Being a Green (Smoothie) Goddess

I won’t pretend – no-one becomes a goddess just by drinking one Green Smoothie.  But after 10…..

Having been conscious that I should be eating more veg, and getting bored of the beige breakfasts I was eating at super-fast pace while watching Tigger, I was looking for something to brighten up the start of my day. Then I spotted that Kezia at Super Naturally Healthy, one of my favourite sites and bloggers, was running a 10 day Green Smoothie Challenge and I was in straight away.  On the odd occasion I have made myself smoothies but these were mainly fruit based and very sweet so I liked the idea of being guided through using different ingredients, and doing it with a bit of a purpose.

The ‘Challenge’ in essence was pretty simple – change one thing for 10 days and see what happens.  So I did. For 10 days (in-fact a little more as I got excited and started making some of my own a bit early!) I had a green smoothie for breakfast following the recipes that popped into my inbox each morning.  Based on using green veg such as spinach, kale, avocados and celery other ingredients we used were blueberries, lemons, apples, pecan nuts, nut butters and many more – although I should also say the shopping list she provided didn’t have lots of strange ingredients in that you wouldn’t already have or use again.  Along with the recipes we were sent inspiration for exercise, positive affirmations and good other resources to help encourage us to take our own well-being into our own hands.  As much as I wasn’t sure the affirmations would be me reading them really was inspiring and really helped get the day off to a good start.


I have to admit that out of the 10 days there wasn’t a duff recipe – of course I preferred some more than others (Pecan Pie and Cherry Chocolate Bliss spring to mind) and every day I really enjoyed the freshness of putting all the ingredients in the blender and seeing what came out, and how green it was!

And after the 10 days I do feel brighter, have more energy and I’m less bloated with better skin.  I do think the smoothies have quite a bit to do with this as I defy anyone not to be full of vitamins doing some good after all that healthy goodness.  I really enjoyed the process of preparing the smoothies which I’d do while also sorting Tigger’s breakfast with her watching over me from the doorway in her bouncy chair.  I know she didn’t really know what I was doing I like her seeing me prepare food from scratch and enjoying the healthy stuff.  The brightening effect it’s had on my mood by starting the day on a healthy positive note has meant that other choices through the day have also been more health conscious, without it feeling like a chore, and this has definitely also played a part in how I look and feel at the end of the 10 days. Even the OH has said he’s noticed a difference(!!!).

So would I do it again? Both absolutely and probably not – I won’t need to do a ‘challenge’ like this for a while as this will be something I’ll be adopting regularly through the summer.  The next challenge is most likely coming up with warm wintery versions so I can keep it up!


What do you think?

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