‘Seeing’ is believing?!

  The days where I could sit in my pyjamas on a Sunday and pootle around with the sewing machine/knitting needles/crochet hooks/felting fleece are long gone!

Getting anything done, especially some crafting, takes a bit more preparation these days – I need to make sure the OH can take he lead in looking after Tigger, I need to prioritise the long list of projects I’ve got (as well as those that are started but not yet finished) and I need to factor in ‘other’ boring stuff, like housework.

Something that is really helping me get things done is thinking about it ALOT in advance.  It may sound obvious but thinking through every little step before I get there means that when I’m actually doing it I’m quicker.  Visualising the finished product also means that if something happens that I wasn’t expecting I’m better placed to work through it.  And I don’t just mean with my craft projects either – when Tigger’s feeding or has nodded off me I get a decent amount of time to think and depending on my mood I can think my way through alot.

Visualisation is something I’d heard about, mainly within the weight-loss and well-being spheres where you’re encouraged to visualise what you’ll look like and how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved your goal.  And although I’ve not applied it a lot in the past I have found myself doing it more and more and it does seem to be working!

Have you ever used visualisation for anything? HAve you found it works better is some instances than others?  Do let me know, and if you’ve got any tips!


What do you think?

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