“Make and Meet”

I’ve recently found a great local crafty duo who go by the name of The Peachy Pair.

As well as being avid crafters themselves one of their initiatives was to arrange a ‘Make and Meet’ night at a local church and, along with my mam who was visiting, we went to our first one last month.  We had a GREAT time.  Their recipe is a simple but really effective one – come along, pay some admittance to cover their costs of the room etc, find a seat, get out your current crafty project and get nattering to the other attendees.  The only thing stopping you from getting straight on is being distracted by the tea and cake on offer.   The Peachy Pair, Merrie and Nicola, have also designed and made some of their own craft kits, including a knitted headband, a gorgeous cross-stitch inspiring you to ‘Be Brave’, and hand-sewn brooches which you can buy and do there, with the convenience of having them on hand to give you some help.

The range of crafts people had brought were great.  My mam brought her knitting, I was doing my crochet granny-squares for my book-ends (more on those soon), another crafter on our table was doing the cross-stitch kit, as well as lots of knitting, stitching and papercrafts happening on other tables.  The lemon and banana cakes on offer were delicious, the tea was always available and the atmosphere was brilliant as we chatted about our crafting backgrounds, which crafts we loved and which we weren’t so great at.

It was a really lovely evening and with one a month planned until July at least I’m looking forward to the next ones!



3 thoughts on ““Make and Meet”

    • Not quite – I’ve got all the pieces, its just stitching them together that’s left. Very very close – will be putting the pics up soon!


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