It all starts here…… Again!

My goals are, in some ways, quite similar from when I first set them but my priorities have very definitely changed – I’m having to be alot less selfish these days!

I still want to catch the running-bug, although being able to get to 5k again is my new goal, and I still need to sort out some curtains and numerous other things for the house.

Whilst I am having to move away from my 4 H’s – House, Hobby, Health and Hubby – which I originally had I’ve still got key areas, and goals in each, which are going to keep me on track, although I’m going to aim for one thing in each area each month, rather than each week.  With a 6 month old I think once a week is a little ambitious, and unrealistic.

My new ‘areas’ – are Me, Tigger, Home and Work.  Having a ‘me’ does seem like I’ve not given up being selfish, but it encompasses my own health and fitness, my relationship with the hubby and some treats for me.  Having really struggled when Tigger was first born I’m a firm believer that in order to be a happy, and good, mum I need to be positive and happy within myself and I’m fortunate that my OH is very supportive.

Although I’ve sectioned off ‘areas’, mainly because I love lists, I do have two very clear new priorities: As with any new mum keeping my little treasure well and happy is top but a close second is securing my own future.  With less than half my maternity leave yet there are big decisions ahead and a lot of details and opportunities to fully consider – I’m just no sure what they are yet!

So what are your priorities for the year, have you had to change them and, if so, how did you cope with recalibrating?


What do you think?

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