Spring has sprung …….. a leak!

  Spring starts, the clocks change and the rain has arrived!  When I was sat at a bus-stop in rainy Manchester a few days ago I was thinking how spring was meant to have sprung, but instead appears to have gone back into the shower to finish off getting read instead.  And as I watched the rain I started to wonder what a fresh spring would mean to me.  As I sat there I saw pensioners going to get their Sunday papers and runners willingly out getting drenched in the pouring rain and the puddle-water from passing vehicles, and I have to admit I quite enjoyed the quiet buzz and Sunday busyness around me which is so different from my usual weekend morning.  At least I was relatively undercover and protected from the rain which seemed like a good metaphor for me at the moment.

While I am on maternity leave I am undercover and protected from some of the day-to-day by my new-mum bubble.  But just as I couldn’t stay under the bus cover all the time it’s becoming more apparent I can’t stay in my current bubble for too long either – it is going to have to pop at some point and I’d rather be prepared for it, and maybe even pop it myself, than be taken by surprise.

So that’s enough of the metaphor – what does it actually mean practically speaking?  Once Easter is out of the way it’s time to get into gear.  (It’s so tempting to use a butterfly-chrysalis metaphor but I’ll resist……)  It means it is time to start looking properly at our finance, working out what the various alternatives are for me and work, and deciding what is best for Tigger.  What I am already sure about though is that not only has spring sprung but so has a chance for me to make the most of my new circumstances and any opportunities that come with it.  I’m not 100% sure what they are yet but I know they’re there and just need a bit of concentration to realise the in one way or another!  It’s one reason I’ve signed up to the Open University’s FutureLearn Enterprise Shed course – more of which will follow over the next few weeks.

But first there is one thing that absolutely needs doing and to me totally represnts what now should be – making some tricky decisions, being brutally honest with myself and getting other people involved to support and hold me to account…………….. a wardrobe clear-out!!

Just like everything else my body has changed massively in the past year and what used to look good on, fitted well and suited my identity then is not the same now.  I’ll have to be more inventive, creative and selective when trying to replenish it but I’m getting bored ad pulling out items that just aren’t right any more.  I’m not trying to re-invent myself – I’m still dealing with the move to my new mummy role – but it’s time to embrace springing into spring rather than stay in in the dingy winter.  (I feel like I’m back to the butterfly metaphor………….)

What does spring mean to you?  And have you got any wardrobe clear-out tips?


What do you think?

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