It all starts here…… my four H’s

It’s VERY tempting to start this in a ‘Bridget Jones’ style and do a run down on how many calories I’ve eaten and how many times I’ve checked my voicemail.

I’m not going to. But I am going to set my goals:

I’m going to run 10k by September, hopefully meaning I’m about 3 stone lighter in the process and can wear a size 12. As long as the first one happens hopefully the other two will tag along.

I’m going to make a set of curtains, a roman blind, sort out a noticeboard for my hallway and do a quilt for the spare room.

I’m going to finish my sewing machine’s personalised cover it’s been waiting ages for.

And finally and in some ways the biggest…….

Each week I’m going to do at least one thing for each of the main parts of my life – my House, my Hobby, my Health and my Hubby.

They don’t all start with an ‘H’ to look clever, they did just turn out like that but I like that it’s catchy and how it sums up what I’m really aiming on.

Today’s sunday and it’s nearly the end of the month. I’ve shed my greedy christmas, I’ve joined a 10 week running group and I finished a knitted housewarming gift for a friend. I’ve definitely made an ok start to the year, and this blog is going to be my way of making sure it doesn’t fall by the way-side in month 2.

So here goes nothing……..


What do you think?

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